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stump en inglés británico

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uk /stʌmp/ us /stʌmp/


uk /stʌmp/ us /stʌmp/

stump verb (NO ANSWER)

be stumped informal

to be unable to answer a question or solve a problem because it is too difficult:

I'm completely stumped - how did she manage to escape?
Scientists are stumped by this mystery virus.

stump verb (CRICKET)

[ T usually passive ] If the person hitting the ball in cricket is stumped, their turn to try scoring points is ended by a member of the other team knocking the bails off the stumps with the ball while they are outside a safe area.

Phrasal verb(s)

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stump en inglés americano

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stumpnoun [ C ]

us /stʌmp/

stump noun [ C ] (PART LEFT)

the part of a tree, arm, etc. that is left after another part has been removed


us /stʌmp/

stump verb (CONFUSE)

[ T ] to confuse or cause someone to be unable to understand or explain something:

He seemed stumped by our questions.

stump verb (SPEAK)

[ I ] to talk in support of a politician or idea:

Taylor stumped for him throughout the state.

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