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sub en inglés británico

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subnoun [ C ]

uk /sʌb/ us /sʌb/ informal

sub noun [ C ] (REPLACEMENT)

in sports, a player who is used for part of a game instead of another:

One of the players was injured during the match, so a sub was brought on.

US a teacher who replaces teachers who are absent from work:

A trained teacher, he found work as a sub which fit around his other commitments.


uk /sʌb/ us /sʌb/ -bb- informal

[ I ] in sports, to play in a match in someone's place:

Travis subbed for the injured defender.

[ I ] US to do a job temporarily when someone else cannot do it:

As a young player, he subbed for Duke Ellington's drummer.
I subbed as a teacher for a semester.

[ T ] UK to replace one player with another during a game:

He was subbed in the match against Newcastle.


uk /sʌb-/ us /sʌb-/

sub- prefix (LESS THAN)

less than a number or level:

Winter weather brought sub-zero (= less than 0 degrees) temperatures to much of the country.
smart TVs in the sub-$1000 price range
the first man to run a sub-4 minute mile

sub- prefix (LOWER)

below or in a lower position:

a sub-layer

sub- prefix (LESS GOOD)

not as good as:

a sub-standard effort
The film is a sort of sub-Godfather mafia family tale.

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sub en inglés americano

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subnoun [ C ]

us /sʌb/

sub noun [ C ] (REPLACEMENT)

short form ofsubstitute teacher

sub noun [ C ] (SHIP)

short form ofsubmarine:

a nuclear sub

sub noun [ C ] (FOOD)

short form ofsubmarine (sandwich)

subverb [ I ]

us /sʌb/ -bb-

to work as a substitute teacher:

She subs at three schools.

(Definición de sub del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

sub en inglés de negocios

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subnoun [ C ]

uk /sʌb/ us informal

→  subscription :

You can save up to £20 if you pay your subs by direct debit.

→  substitute noun :

There is a great need both for permanent teachers and subs.

payment that your employer gives you earlier than usual because you need money:

I ran out of money on Thursday and had to ask my boss for a sub.

subverb [ T ]

uk /sʌb/ us -bb-

to pay an employee earlier than usual because they need money:

He subbed him his wages because he had to buy a plane ticket.

(Definición de sub del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)