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subsidiary en inglés americano

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subsidiarynoun [ C ]

us /səbˈsɪd·iˌer·i/

a company that is owned by a larger company

adjective us /səbˈsɪd·iˌer·i/

All the major record companies had subsidiary labels under their control.

(Definición de subsidiary del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

subsidiary en inglés de negocios

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subsidiarynoun [ C ]

uk /səbˈsɪdiəri/ us /səbˈsɪdieri/ plural subsidiaries also subsidiary company FINANCE

a company that is controlled by another:

a banking/foreign subsidiary
a majority-owned/wholly owned subsidiary
subsidiary of sth California First Bank is a 77%-owned subsidiary of Bank of Tokyo.


uk /səbˈsɪdiəri/ us /səbˈsɪdieri/

FINANCE owned or controlled by another company:

a subsidiary bank/business/outlet The company yesterday said its strategy is to grow subsidiary businesses for future sale.

used to describe something less important than something else, with which it is connected:

Psychometric tests used at interview are not always accurate and only provide subsidiary information.
subsidiary to sth The group wants the protocol to be subsidiary to the WTO.

(Definición de subsidiary del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)