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subway en inglés británico

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subwaynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsʌb.weɪ/ us /ˈsʌb.weɪ/

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subway noun [ C ] (RAILWAY)

A1 mainly US UK usually underground a railway system in which electric trains travel through tunnels below ground:

We took the subway uptown to Yankee Stadium.
A guy gave me his seat on the subway.

subway noun [ C ] (PASSAGE)

B2 UK an underground passage that allows people on foot to cross a busy road

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subway en inglés americano

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subwaynoun [ C ]

us /ˈsʌb·weɪ/

an underground, electric railroad in a city:

Take the subway to Times Square.

Br A subway is an underground passage that people who are walking can use to cross under a busy street.

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