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suchpredeterminer, determiner

uk /sʌtʃ/ us /sʌtʃ/

suchpredeterminer, determiner, pronoun

uk /sʌtʃ/ us /sʌtʃ/

B2 of a particular or similar type:

Small companies such as ours are very vulnerable in a recession.
I'm looking for a cloth for cleaning silver. Do you have such a thing?
Present on this grand occasion were Andrew Davies, Melissa Peters, and other such stars.
I tried to tell her in such a way that she wouldn't get offended.
He said it was an Edwardian washstand or some such thing - I can't remember exactly.
old-fashioned informal I just bought one or two things - bread and milk and such (also suchlike).
formal Our lunch was such (= of a type) that we don't really need dinner.
such as

A2 for example:

That money is to cover costs such as travel and accommodation.

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uk /sʌtʃ/ us /sʌtʃ/

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us /sʌtʃ/

such adjective (SO GREAT)

used before a noun or noun phrase to add emphasis:

I’ve never in my life had such delicious food.
It seems like such a long way to drive.
It was such a pity they missed the show.
[ + that clause ] It was such a large fire that over 100 firefighters were on the scene.

suchadjective, pronoun

us /sʌtʃ/

such adjective, pronoun (OF THAT TYPE)

of that or a similar type:

With such evidence, they should have no difficulty getting a conviction.
Small companies such as ours are having a hard time.
They’ll pay our expenses, such as food and lodging.
infml We talked about the kids and the weather and such (= and that type of thing).

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