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uk /suːt/ /sjuːt/ us /suːt/

suit noun (SET OF CLOTHES)

A2 [ C ] a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material:

All the businessmen were wearing pinstripe suits.
She wore a dark blue suit.

[ C ] a set of clothes or a piece of clothing to be worn in a particular situation or while doing a particular activity:

a diving/protective/ski, etc. suit
a suit of armour

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suitverb [ T ]

uk /suːt/ /sjuːt/ us /suːt/

suit verb [ T ] (BE RIGHT)

B2 to be right for a particular person, situation, or occasion:

A lot of corn is grown in this area - the soil seems to suit it very well.
The city lifestyle seems to suit her - she looks great.

B2 (usually of a colour or style of clothes) to make someone look more attractive:

You should wear more red - it suits you.
Short skirts don't really suit me - I don't have the legs for them.

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suit verb [ T ] (BE CONVENIENT)

B2 to be convenient and cause the least difficulty for someone:

We could go now or this afternoon - whatever time suits you best.
"How about eight o'clock at the cinema?" "That suits me fine."

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suitverb [ T ]

us /sut/

suit verb [ T ] (WORK WELL)

to be convenient or work well for someone or something:

What time suits you best?
The job of a salesman seems to suit him.

To suit also means to make someone look more attractive:

That new hairstyle really suits you – you look terrific.

Phrasal verb(s)

suitnoun [ C ]

us /sut/

suit noun [ C ] (CLOTHES)

a set of clothes made of the same material and usually consisting of a jacket and pants or skirt

A suit is also a set of clothes or a piece of clothing to be worn in a particular situation or for a particular activity:

a bathing suit

slang A suit is also someone in business, esp. when compared with an artist or ordinary worker:

The network suits don’t care about the fans who show up at the ballpark.

suit noun [ C ] (LEGAL CASE)

a lawsuit:

She brought a suit against the HMO for medical malpractice.

suit noun [ C ] (CARD TYPE)

any of the four types of cards in a set of playing cards, each having a different symbol printed on it:

The four suits in a deck of cards are hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds.

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suitnoun [ C ]

uk /suːt/ us

also lawsuit LAW a problem or complaint taken for a decision to a court of law by a person or organization rather than by the police or the government:

bring/file a suit They have brought a suit for damages against the company.
a civil/class-action/libel suit
file suit

LAW to take a problem or complaint to a court of law for a decision:

30 people have filed suit against the company.

a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material:

a business/pinstripe suit She wore a smart grey business suit to work.

[ usually plural ] informal an executive, especially in advertising, the film industry, etc., rather than a creative (= writer, artist, etc.) working in one of these industries:

We'll leave the suits in the boardroom to worry about this.

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We must also be able to combine different tools more effectively and flexibly into a tailor-made mix to suit the particular situation.
One really should expect delegates to respect a democratic decision reached by majority, such as that concerning our session calendar, even if it does not suit them.
Populism is how technocrats choose to denigrate the will of the people when it is expressed in a direction which does not suit them.
After all, one would not try to dress a fully-grown 25-year-old in the same suit he wore when he was 15 years old.
The way we function as a parliament does not suit parents with children - be they men or women - and one has to make a choice.
Let us not react badly to these judgments when they do not suit us and well to them when they please us.
Patient organisations followed suit.
Despite all the promises we made about listening to the people and tailoring our policy to suit their demands, we have carried on regardless.
So, we have to find a balance that will suit the fishermen and the industry on one hand and the scientists on the other.
A soft landing would suit us all.

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