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sustainable en inglés

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uk /səˈsteɪ.nə.bəl/ us /səˈsteɪ.nə.bəl/
noun [ U ] uk /səˌsteɪ.nəˈbɪl.ə.ti/ us /səˌsteɪ.nəˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/

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sustainable en inglés americano

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us /səˈsteɪ·nə·bəl/

able to be maintained or continued:

The growth momentum is likely to be sustainable into next year.
noun [ U ] /səˌsteɪ·nəˈbɪl·ɪ·t̬i/

We remain committed to ensuring sustainability of our social security system.

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sustainable en inglés de negocios

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uk /səˈsteɪnəbl/ us

able to continue at the same level for a period of time:

Marketing plays a key role in a company's plan for sustainable business development.
sustainable/growth/success/value The question of how to achieve long-term sustainable growth in shareholder value is re-emerging.

ENVIRONMENT, NATURAL RESOURCES using methods that do not harm the environment so that natural resources are still available in the future:

The ethical brand donates 10% of profits to support sustainable development.

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I emphasise that it is right at this time to make a serious and sustainable decision on the future of the common agricultural policy.
If sustainable development is to be possible, each country must do more than it is currently doing, and together we must do more than we are currently doing.
We know how difficult it is to create all the conditions necessary to ensure stability and we must work to ensure sustainable growth.
The new incentive for sustainable development and governance will support our commitment to core human and labour rights and environmental protection in the framework of our existing trade policy.
The fight for agricultural diversity for the effective and sustainable plurality of these industries is, therefore, an integral part of the fight for cultural diversity.
An additional key to stability is the concept of sustainable development, which should have a bearing on all of our legislative work.
Well, the objective of sustainable fishing will not be achieved on the basis of laws or on the basis of regulations, which are necessary but insufficient.
We need to work towards a balanced approach to sustainable development, where the three pillars – economic, social and environmental – are balanced and progress in parallel.
A development cooperation policy focused along these lines constitutes the most suitable instrument for progress to be made towards eradicating poverty and achieving fair, sustainable development for all.
If the common agricultural policy is to claim to be sustainable, it must be consistently guided by economic, social and environmental objectives.