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swabnoun [ C ]

uk /swɒb/ us /swɑːb/

a small piece of soft material used for cleaning a cut or for taking a small amount of substance from a body, or the substance itself that can then be tested:

The nurse cleaned the cut on my leg with a swab.
"I'm just going to take a swab of your ear," said the doctor.

US US trademark Q-tip, UK cotton bud a small piece of soft material on a short stick:

Use a cotton swab to clean your ears.

swabverb [ T ]

uk /swɒb/ us /swɑːb/ -bb-

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swabnoun [ C ]

us /swɑb/

a small piece of soft material at the end of a thin stick, used esp. for cleaning something or for putting on medicine:

a cotton swab

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