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take sth away

phrasal verb with take uk /teɪk/ us /teɪk/ verb took, taken


B2 to remove something:

Take these chairs away - we don't need them.
Supermarkets are taking business away from small local shops.

Más ejemplos

  • Mum was so cross with him, she threatened to take all his toys away.
  • The men didn't come to take the rubbish away.
  • I can't eat any more, thanks - you can take it away now.
  • I was a bit worried when an official came and took my passport away.
  • Every individual has rights that must never be taken away.


to get a particular message or piece of information from something you read or are told :

What I took away from his talk is that going to university is definitely worth it.

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take sth away

phrasal verb with take uk /teɪk/ us verb [ T ] took, taken

to remove something:

The federal government threatened to take away $1 billion in highway funds.
take sth away from sb/sth The amendments are not really taking any power away from the Civil Service.
The Bank's rate increases have taken impetus away from housing demand.

to make money from something:

They will take away $45m if the shares are sold at the top end of the range.
After the disposal, the directors took away a combined payoff of £2.9m.

to learn something from an experience or activity:

take sth away from sth If there is one thing that people should take away from Black Tuesday, it is that we need regulators.
What do you hope people will take away from this?

to subtract one number or amount from another:

200 take away 189 doesn't leave very much!

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