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tan en inglés británico

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tannoun [ C ]

uk /tæn/ us /tæn/ also suntan


uk /tæn/ us /tæn/


uk /tæn/ us /tæn/ -nn-

tan verb (COLOUR)

[ I or T ] to become brown, or to make someone's body or skin, etc. brown, from being in the sun:

Her skin tans very quickly in the summer.
I need to tan my legs before the holiday.
Tanned workmen were sitting around the dock.

Más ejemplos

  • I'm lucky - I tan easily.
  • They lay tanning themselves on the beach.



uk /tæn/ us /tæn/

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tan en inglés americano

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tanadjective, noun [ U ]

us /tæn/

tan adjective, noun [ U ] (COLOR)

(of) a light brown or yellow-brown color:

a tan jacket

tannoun [ C usually sing ]

us /tæn/ also suntan

tan noun [ C usually sing ] (SKIN)

the darker skin that white people often get from being in the sun:

Ann’s sundress shows off her tan.
adjective us /tæn/ -nn- also tanned

a tanned face


us /tæn/ -nn-


tan verb (GET DARKER SKIN)

[ I ] to become darker from being in the sun:

Judy tans easily.

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TAN en inglés de negocios

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uk us TAX

abbreviation for tax anticipation note

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