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tense en inglés británico

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tensenoun [ C ]

uk /tens/ us /tens/


uk /tens/ us /tens/

tense adjective (NERVOUS)

B2 nervous and worried and unable to relax:

She was very tense as she waited for the interview.

B2 If a situation is tense, it causes feelings of worry or nervousness:

There were some tense moments in the second half of the game.

Más ejemplos

  • This attack will exacerbate the already tense relations between the two communities.
  • The weeks following the riots were extremely tense.
  • For a few tense minutes, the astronauts lost radio contact with mission control.
  • Hendry won the world snooker title after a tense 35-frame final.
adverb uk /ˈ us /ˈ
noun [ U ] uk /ˈtens.nəs/ us /ˈtens.nəs/

tenseverb [ I or T ]

uk /tens/ us /tens/ also tense up

If you or your muscles tense, your muscles become stiff and tight because you are frightened or nervous, or are preparing yourself to do something:

Don't tense your shoulders, just relax.
I could feel myself tense up as he touched my neck.
tensed up

very nervous and worried and unable to relax because of something that is going to happen:

You seem all tensed up. Are you still waiting for that call?

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tense en inglés americano

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us /tens/

tense adjective (NERVOUS)

anxious, unable to relax, or causing anxiety:

She was very tense as she waited for the interview.
The family was faced with a tense financial situation.

If a situation is tense, it causes feelings of worry or anxiety.

tense adjective (STIFF)

tight and stiff:

Relax! Why are you so tense?

tensenoun [ C ]

us /tens/

tense noun [ C ] (VERB FORM)

grammar any of the forms of a verb which show the time at which an action happened:

"I sing" is in the present tense and shows action happening now, and "I will sing" is in the future tense, showing action that will happen later.

tenseverb [ I/T ]

us /tens/

tense verb [ I/T ] (MAKE STIFF)

to make your body or muscles tight and stiff, or to become tight and stiff:

[ T ] He tensed his body just before diving from the high board.
[ I ] She tensed up as the car went faster and faster.

(Definición de tense del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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