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UK US theater uk /ˈθɪə.tər/ us /ˈθiː.ə.t̬ɚ/

theatre noun (BUILDING/ROOM)

A2 [ C ] a building, room, or outside structure with rows of seats, each row usually higher than the one in front, from which people can watch a performance or other activity:

the Lyceum Theatre
a lecture theatre

[ C ] UK →  operating theatre

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theatre noun (PERFORMING ARTS)

[ S or U ] (the writing or performance of) plays, opera, etc., written to be performed in public:

His latest play has delighted theatre audiences and theatre critics alike.
She made her career in the theatre.

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theatre noun (BEHAVIOUR)

[ U ] behaviour that is not sincere and is intended just to produce a particular effect or to attract attention:

Her tears were pure theatre.

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