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tick en inglés británico

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uk /tɪk/ us /tɪk/

tick noun (MARK)

A2 [ C ] UK US usually check a mark (✓) that shows that something is correct or has been done:

Put a tick by/against the names of the people who have accepted the invitation.

Más ejemplos

  • Put a tick opposite the answer that you think is correct.
  • All his answers had ticks next to them.

tick noun (ANIMAL)

[ C ] a very small creature like a spider that lives on and sucks the blood of other animals


uk /tɪk/ us /tɪk/

tick verb (MARK)

A1 [ T ] UK US usually check to mark something with a tick:

Tick (off) each item on the list as you complete it.

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tick en inglés americano

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tickverb [ I ]

us /tɪk/

tick verb [ I ] (MAKE SOUND)

to make a quiet, short, regularly repeated sound like that made by a clock:

That clock ticks too loudly.
noun [ U ] us /ˈtɪk·ɪŋ/

the ticking of a clock

ticknoun [ C ]

us /tɪk/

tick noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

any of several types of very small animals that suck the blood of other animals

tick noun [ C ] (SOUND)

a quiet, short, regularly repeated sound:

I could hear the ticks of the passing seconds.

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tick en inglés de negocios

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ticknoun [ C ]

uk /tɪk/ us

UK US check, check mark a symbol that shows something is correct or has been done or approved:

Put a tick in the column that applies to you.

also tick point FINANCE the smallest amount by which interest rates, share prices, etc. can rise or fall:

March gilt futures settled lower by 19 ticks at 109.83.

FINANCE the movement of a value such as an interest rate or share price when it rises or falls:

Analysts said companies can't be expected to calculate every tick in the market.
There has been an encouraging upward tick in private sector earnings.
on tick UK informal

if you buy something on tick, you agree to pay for it later:

The contracts were bought on tick, with just 7% of the cost put up.

tickverb [ T ]

uk /tɪk/ us UK US check

to put a symbol next to a statement, figure, etc. to show that it is correct, has been done or approved, or is the thing you choose:

For information on funding tick box F10.
tick all/a lot of the boxes

to have the right qualities to be a good choice or solution:

This rescue deal ticks all the right boxes.

Phrasal verb(s)

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