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toenoun [ C ]

uk /təʊ/ us /toʊ/

A2 any of the five separate parts at the end of the foot:

your big toe (= your largest toe)
your little toe (= your smallest toe)
I stubbed (= hit) my toe on the edge of the bed.

the part of a sock, shoe, or other foot covering that goes over the toes

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uk /təʊ/ us /toʊ/

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toenoun [ C ]

us /toʊ/

any of the five long, thin parts at the end of the foot, similar to the fingers of the hand:

I broke a toe when I caught my foot in a door.

Toe also refers to the end of a shoe or sock:

That sock has a hole in the toe.


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toeverb [ T ]

uk /təʊ/ us
toe the line informal

to do what you are expected or ordered to do:

Companies are expected to toe the line and follow EU regulations.

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