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tomorrow en inglés británico

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tomorrowadverb, noun [ U or C ]

uk /təˈmɒr.əʊ/ us /təˈmɔːr.oʊ/

A1 (on) the day after today:

I'm having dinner with Rachel tomorrow night.
Oh, leave it till tomorrow.
Is John coming to tomorrow's meeting?
UK He'll be back tomorrow week/a week tomorrow (= a week from tomorrow).
US He'll be back a week from tomorrow.

C2 used more generally to mean the future:

Today's problem child may be tomorrow's criminal.
We make sacrifices now to give our children a better tomorrow.

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tomorrow en inglés americano

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tomorrowadverb [ not gradable ]

us /təˈmɑr·oʊ, -ˈmɔr-/

on the day after today:

He said he’ll call tomorrow after work.

tomorrownoun [ C/U ]

us /təˈmɑr·oʊ, -ˈmɔr-/

the day after today:

[ U ] Tomorrow’s meeting has been postponed.

If you say you will see someone tomorrow morning/night/at noon/etc., you mean you will see that person on the next day at that time:

[ U ] I’ve arranged to see Rachel tomorrow morning/at ten.

Tomorrow can also mean the future:

[ U ] Today’s problem child may be tomorrow’s brilliant scientist.

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