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tomorrow en inglés

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tomorrowadverb, noun [ U or C ]

uk /təˈmɒr.əʊ/ us /təˈmɔːr.oʊ/

A1 (on) the day after today:

I'm having dinner with Rachel tomorrow night.
Oh, leave it till tomorrow.
Is John coming to tomorrow's meeting?
UK He'll be back tomorrow week/a week tomorrow (= a week from tomorrow).
US He'll be back a week from tomorrow.

C2 used more generally to mean the future:

Today's problem child may be tomorrow's criminal.
We make sacrifices now to give our children a better tomorrow.

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tomorrow en inglés americano

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tomorrowadverb [ not gradable ]

us /təˈmɑr·oʊ, -ˈmɔr-/

on the day after today:

He said he’ll call tomorrow after work.

tomorrownoun [ C/U ]

us /təˈmɑr·oʊ, -ˈmɔr-/

the day after today:

[ U ] Tomorrow’s meeting has been postponed.

If you say you will see someone tomorrow morning/night/at noon/etc., you mean you will see that person on the next day at that time:

[ U ] I’ve arranged to see Rachel tomorrow morning/at ten.

Tomorrow can also mean the future:

[ U ] Today’s problem child may be tomorrow’s brilliant scientist.

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I will not discuss all the points in the report right now - for reasons of time and because talks are continuing today and tomorrow.
We will vote tomorrow in favour of the amendments relating to funding and against any other amendment that may affect the content of this report.
I therefore hope that tomorrow will indeed mark a milestone for consumers and that consumers will indeed respond to the lifting of the moratorium with a moratorium on purchases.
The vote will be tomorrow at noon.
We will vote on this recommendation tomorrow.
Tomorrow our vote should be considered as a pledge to act; a pledge that we shall work together with vigour until these rights are secured.
Finally, a more general point about competition policy, also in relation to the amendments tabled to the resolution that we are due to vote on tomorrow.
I hope for a positive vote tomorrow.
I would ask him to reiterate that assurance tonight and, if possible, tomorrow morning before we vote, so that lawyers at least know their position will be subject to review.
If you are in agreement, and only if you are in agreement, we could postpone the vote on these two reports until tomorrow.