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towverb [ T ]

uk /təʊ/ us /toʊ/

to pull a car, boat, etc. along, fastened behind another vehicle or boat:

You shouldn't drive fast when your car is towing a caravan.
The road was closed while the vehicles that had been involved in the accident were towed away/off.
The damaged boat was towed to safety.

also tow sth away to take away a vehicle that has been parked illegally using an official truck, to a place from which the driver has to pay to pick it up:

You're not allowed to park here - your car will be towed away .
US This part of town is a tow zone (= one in which cars left illegally will be removed).


uk /təʊ/ us /toʊ/
give sb/sth a tow

to pull someone's vehicle using a rope or chain tied to your vehicle:

When my car broke down, a police car gave me a tow to the nearest garage.
on tow UK US in tow, Australian English also under tow

being pulled along:

The car in front of us is on tow - that's why we're going so slowly.


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towverb [ T ]

us /toʊ/

to pull a car, boat, aircraft, etc., using a rope or a chain attached to another vehicle:

The town tows abandoned cars and then fines their owners.

townoun [ C ]

us /toʊ/

the act of pulling someone's vehicle using a rope or chain attached to your vehicle:

My car broke down and Bob gave me a tow.


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