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Significado de “trade” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "trade" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /treɪd/


B1 [U] the ​activity of ​buying and ​selling, or ​exchanging, ​goods and/or ​services between ​people or ​countries: The country's trade inmanufacturedgoods has ​expanded in the last ten ​years. 70 ​percent of the country's trade is withEurope. The two ​countries have ​signed a trade agreement for one ​year only. [U] businessactivity: Since the ​supermarketopened, many ​smalllocalshops have ​lost up to 50 ​percent of ​their trade. In ​hotweather, ​shops do a roaring/​brisk trade in (= ​sell a lot of)colddrinks and ​icecream. This ​level of ​confidence in the ​economy is good for trade ​generally.
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trade noun (BUSINESS)

C1 [C] a ​particularbusiness or ​industry: thebuilding/​catering/​tourist trade thebook/​car/​fur trade He ​worked in the same trade all his ​life.B2 [C or U] a ​job, ​especially one that ​needsspecialskill, that ​involvesworking with ​yourhands: She went to ​college to ​learn a trade. He's a ​carpenter by trade.the trade [S] the ​people who ​work in a ​particularbusiness or ​industry or in the same one: People who ​work in the trade can ​buytheirbooks at a ​discount. The ​company only ​suppliesitsgoods to the (​building/​catering) trade, not ​direct to the ​public.
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uk   us   /treɪd/
trade publication/journal/magazine/paper a ​newspaper, etc. ​produced for ​peopleworking in a ​particularbusiness or ​industry: a ​steelindustry trade ​journal


uk   us   /treɪd/

trade verb (BUY AND SELL)

B2 [I or T, usually + adv/prep] to ​buy and ​sellgoods or ​services, ​especially between ​countries: For ​centuries, Native Americans traded withEuropeansettlers. The ​company has been trading inoil for many ​years. The two ​countries have ​becomeclose trading partners. Our ​books are traded ​throughoutAsia.
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[I or T] to be ​bought and ​sold, or to ​buy and ​sell shares, on the stock exchange : The ​volume of ​stocks traded today was very high. Shares in the ​company traded actively.
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trade verb (EXCHANGE)

[T] to ​exchange something, or to ​stop using or doing something and ​start using or doing something ​elseinstead: The ​children traded ​comics. [+ two objects] I'll trade you some of my ​chocolate for some of ​youricecream. I wouldn't trade you for the ​world (= I do not ​want a different ​partner).
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[T] If ​people trade ​statements of a ​particulartype, they say or ​tell them to each other: We ​sat around the ​dinnertable, trading ​stories. The two ​politicians didn't really ​discuss the ​issues, they just traded insults.
(Definition of trade from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "trade" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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tradenoun [C/U]

 us   /treɪd/

trade noun [C/U] (BUYING AND SELLING)

the ​activity of ​buying and ​sellinggoods and ​services esp. between ​countries: [U] foreign trade [U] a trade ​agreement A trade is the ​act of ​exchanging one thing for another.

trade noun [C/U] (JOB)

a ​job, esp. one that ​needsspecialskill and that ​involvesworking with ​yourhands, or the ​type of ​work in which such ​skills are ​needed: [C] the ​building trades [U] He’s an ​automechanic/​electrician by trade. A trade is also any ​business: [C] the ​book/​tourist trade

tradeverb [I/T]

 us   /treɪd/

trade verb [I/T] (BUY AND SELL)

to ​buy, ​sell, or ​exchangegoods: [I] For ​centuries, ​NativeAmericanstraded with ​Europeansettlers. To trade is also to ​exchange something: [T] The ​childrentradedcomics. [T] The two ​playerstradedinsults and ​nearly came to ​blows. If you trade something in, such as a ​car, you give it as ​part of the ​payment for something new: [M] He ​recentlytraded in his ​Jeep for a ​red Mercedes.
(Definition of trade from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "trade" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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uk   us   /treɪd/
[U] COMMERCE the ​buying and ​selling of ​goods between ​people, ​companies, or countries: trade between sb and sb The ​policy is intended to ​increase trade between India and southeast in sth The country's trade in ​manufacturedgoods has ​expanded in the last ten ​years.a trade body/group Leaders of ​industry trade ​groups are urging ​caution in ​raisingoiltaxes. the ​minister for trade and ​industry global/​international/​regional trade trade ​policies/​practices trade ​concessions/​liberalization trade ​deals/​negotiations/​talks
[C] a particular ​business or ​industry: Members of the ​building trade have ​opposed the ​measure. the ​catering/​retail/​tourist trade the ​car/diamond/fur trade
[U] ECONOMICS a country's ​imports and ​exports in a particular ​period: Consumer ​spendingslowed down and ​investment and net traderecovered. The ​dollar has been ​boosted by two months of better American trade ​figures.
[U] businessactivity: lose/boost trade Many ​smalllocalshops have ​lost up to 50% of their trade since the ​supermarketopened. Trade is always ​slow in the winter months.
[C or U] a ​job, especially one that ​needsspecialskill and involves ​working with your ​hands: He's an ​electrician by trade. She ​wants to go to college and learn a trade.
[C or U] a ​situation in which you ​exchange something that you own for something that you want: Does anyone want to do a trade for my ​mobilephone? We have hundreds of ​CDsavailable for ​sale or trade.
[C or U] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the ​activity of ​buying and ​sellingshares, ​investments, etc. or an occasion when ​people do this: EBS ​claims to ​broker about 10,000 trades a day. afternoon/morning trade was ​brisk.
do a roaring trade (in sth) (also do a brisk trade (in sth)) to ​sell a lot of something: We do a ​roaring trade in ice-creams during the hot ​weather.
the trade a particular ​business or ​industry, and the ​people who ​work in it: People who ​work in the trade can ​buy their ​books at a ​discount. The ​websiteoffers a huge ​choice of ​private and trade ​sales for secondhand ​buyers. a trade ​journal/​magazine


uk   us   /treɪd/
[I or T] COMMERCE to ​buy and ​sellgoods or ​services: be traded between sb and sb The ​planknocks down ​tariffs on ​goods traded between the two with sb All ​councils trade ​electronically with their ​ in sth Besides trading in ​goods, we also trade in ​services.
to give something that you own as ​part of the ​payment for something that you ​buy, especially a new ​type of the same ​product: trade sth for sth I traded my ​car for a new ​vehicle.
[I] to exist and ​operate as a ​business: trade as sth The ​company trades as 'Pioneer Clothing'. The ​business traded under the ​name of College Crackers. The ​supermarket ceased trading in 2009.
[I or T] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE to ​buy and ​sellshares on a ​stockmarket: Investors will be ​offered the ​choice of three ways to trade. Around 95,000 ​long gilt ​contracts were traded on Liffe today.
[I] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to be ​bought and ​sold on a ​stockmarket: Only six months ago the ​shares were trading as high as 35.5p. Foreign ​stockmarkets were trading down about 2%.
[T] to ​exchange something, or to ​stop doing or using something and ​start doing or using something else instead: trade sth for sth Most ​investors would trade a ​steadilyclimbingmarket for a ​volatileindex any day.
[I] US COMMERCE to ​buygoods or do your ​shopping at a particular ​store: We don't trade at his ​store anymore.
(Definition of trade from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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