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transmission en inglés británico

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uk /trænzˈmɪʃ.ən/ us /trænsˈmɪʃ.ən/

transmission noun (RADIO/TELEVISION)

C2 [ C or U ] the process of broadcasting something by radio, television, etc., or something that is broadcast:

We apologize for the interruption to our transmissions this afternoon.

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transmission noun (VEHICLE)

[ C or U ] the machinery that brings the power produced by the engine to the wheels of a vehicle:

automatic transmission
The car had a faulty transmission.

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transmission en inglés americano

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transmissionnoun [ C/U ]

us /trænsˈmɪʃ·ən, trænz-/

the act of sending or giving something:

[ U ] You can stop the transmission of some diseases by washing your hands often.

The transmission in a vehicle is the machinery that moves power from to the engine to the wheels.

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transmission en inglés de negocios

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uk /trænzˈmɪʃən/ us

[ U ] the process of sending something, for example gas or electricity, from one place to another:

Large investments are currently required: perhaps $500m a year in electricity generation, and a similar sum in transmission and distribution.
transmission of sth The project will upgrade the transmission of electricity into the area.
Major transmission lines connecting dams to the West Coast grid still have considerable unused capacity.
gas/electricity/power transmission
transmission networks/grids/facilities

[ U ] the process of sending out electrical signals using a radio, television, or computer network:

transmission of sth New networks will allow less-expensive transmission of multimedia and interactive services.
data transmission

[ C ] a programme that is broadcast on television or radio, or a message that is broadcast on radio:

radio/satellite transmissions

[ U ] a process by which an illness is spread from one person or thing to another:

transmission of sth Water quality plays a crucial role in determining the transmission of disease.

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