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uk /trɒt/ us /trɑːt/ -tt-

trot verb (HURRY)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] informal When people trot somewhere, they go there in a quick or busy way:

She came trotting down the street after me.
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[ I + adv/prep ] mainly UK to speak or do something too quickly:

She was rather nervous and trotted through her speech a bit too quickly.

Phrasal verb(s)


uk /trɒt/ us /trɑːt/

trot noun (RUN)

[ S ] the speed or movement of a horse or similar animal when it trots:

He climbed onto his horse and headed off at a relaxed trot.

[ S ] a slow run by a human:

The team warmed up for the match with a trot around the pitch.

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(of a horse or other animal with four legs) to move in a way that is slightly faster than walking

A person who trots runs slowly:

She trotted along behind them, determined to keep up.
noun [ C usually sing ] us /trɑt/

The horse was moving at a slow trot.

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