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tug en inglés británico

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tugverb [ I or T ]

uk /tʌɡ/ us /tʌɡ/ -gg-

tugnoun [ C ]

uk /tʌɡ/ us /tʌɡ/

tug noun [ C ] (BOAT)

also tugboat, a boat with a powerful engine that can change direction easily and is used to pull large ships into and out of port

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tug en inglés americano

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tugverb [ I/T ]

us /tʌɡ/ -gg-

to pull something quickly with force or effort:

[ T ] We tugged the sled up the hill.
[ I ] He had to tug hard.
noun [ C ] us /tʌɡ/

She felt a tug at her sleeve.

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