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turnstilenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈtɜːn.staɪl/ us /ˈtɝːn.staɪl/

a device that controls the way into or out of a building, room, or area of land, especially one that you have to pay to enter. It is a post with a number of short poles sticking out from it that have to be pushed round as each person walks through the entrance:

The number of spectators going through the turnstiles is up from last season.

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turnstile en inglés americano

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turnstilenoun [ C ]

us /ˈtɜrnˌstɑɪl/

a device with waist-high horizontal bars that one person at a time can push around to enter a place, esp. a place that you pay to use:

More than 18 million visitors have poured through Disneyland’s turnstiles.

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