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unbelievable en inglés británico

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uk /ˌʌn.bɪˈliː.və.bəl/ us /ˌʌn.bɪˈliː.və.bəl/

unbelievable adjective (SURPRISING)

B1 extremely surprising:

She eats an unbelievable amount of food.
You've had such bad luck it's unbelievable.
You should see her wardrobe - it's unbelievable - she's got about 50 pairs of shoes.

Más ejemplos

  • Management have demonstrated almost unbelievable incompetence in their handling of the dispute.
  • That anyone could be treated so badly - it's unbelievable.
  • The cost of the building was unbelievable.
  • His statement showed unbelievable arrogance.
  • It's unbelievable that anyone could be so rude!

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unbelievable en inglés americano

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us /ˌʌn·bɪˈli·və·bəl/

unbelievable adjective (SURPRISING)

[ not gradable ] extremely surprising:

That little dog eats an unbelievable amount of food.

unbelievable adjective (UNLIKELY)

not able to be believed because unlikely:

an unbelievable story/excuse
unbelievable luck
adverb [ not gradable ] us /ˌʌn·bɪˈli·və·bli/

It was unbelievably stupid of you to go.

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