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uk /ʌnˌiː.kəˈnɒm.ɪk/ /ʌnˌek.əˈnɒm.ɪk/ us /ʌnˌiː.kəˈnɑː.mɪk/ /ʌnˌek.əˈnɑː.mɪk/ also uneconomical,

Uneconomic businesses and industries are not making enough profit or are losing money:

They closed the factory, saying it was uneconomic.
The price of oil dropped so low that it become uneconomic to drill.

Uneconomic processes or activities use more of something than is necessary, causing it to be wasted:

A large room sometimes represents an uneconomic use of space.

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uneconomic en inglés de negocios

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uk /ʌnˌiːkəˈnɒmɪk/ us

not making a profit:

uneconomic for sb/sth It is uneconomic for banks to offer wealth management services to those with funds of less than $50,000.
The low-cost airline went into receivership after failing to stem losses from uneconomic routes.
They had dropped the price to an uneconomic level.

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