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unsuitable en inglés británico

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uk /ʌnˈsuː.tə.bəl/ /ʌnˈsjuː.tə.bəl/ us /ʌnˈsuː.t̬ə.bəl/

B2 not acceptable or right for someone or something; not suitable:

The software blocks material that is unsuitable for children.

Más ejemplos

  • They officially designated the area as unsuitable for human habitation.
  • Completely unsuitable candidates were screened out at the first interview.
  • The programme's subject matter was quite unsuitable for children.
  • Time after time she gets herself involved in relationships with unsuitable men.
  • We were intending to walk up Ben Nevis but she had no coat and was wearing totally unsuitable footwear.
adverb uk /ʌnˈsuː.tə.bli/ /ʌnˈsjuː.tə.bli/ us /ʌnˈsuː.t̬ə.bli/

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unsuitable en inglés americano

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us /ʌnˈsu·t̬ə·bəl/

not right for a particular person, situation, or occasion:

Parts of this movie may be unsuitable for children.

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