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v en inglés británico

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also v. uk /viː/ us /viː/

v preposition (AGAINST)

also vs. used to show the two sides involved in a court case:

the 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v Wade

UK also vs. used to show who is competing in a game:

Newcastle United v Wigan

UK also vs. used to compare two things or ideas, especially when you have to choose between them:

I need to consider the advantages v the disadvantages.

v preposition (SEE)

UK written abbreviation for vide


also v. uk /viː/ us /viː/

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V en inglés americano

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Vnoun [ C ]

plural V’s, Vs, v’s or vs also v us /vi/

V noun [ C ] (LETTER)

the 22nd letter of the English alphabet


also v us /vi, fɑɪv/

V number (NUMBER)

the Roman numeral for the number 5

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v en inglés de negocios

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uk /viː/ us also vs

abbreviation for versus :

the ruling in the Monti v Microsoft case

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