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volcano en inglés británico

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volcanonoun [ C ]

uk /vɒlˈkeɪ.nəʊ/ us /vɑːlˈkeɪ.noʊ/ plural volcanoes or volcanos

B2 a mountain with a large, circular hole at the top through which lava (= hot liquid rock) gases, steam, and dust are or have been forced out:

an extinct/dormant volcano
an active volcano
Erupting volcanoes discharge massive quantities of dust into the stratosphere.

Más ejemplos

  • The long-dormant volcano has recently shown signs of erupting.
  • The pictures were an eloquent reminder of the power of the volcano.
  • Since the volcano last erupted, many houses have been built in a dangerous position on its slopes.
  • Lava from the volcano was flowing down the hillside.
  • The dust from the volcano spread northward.
adjective uk /vɒlˈkæn.ɪk/ us /vɑːlˈkæn.ɪk/

volcanic ash/activity/rock

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volcano en inglés americano

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volcanonoun [ C ]

us /vɑlˈkeɪ·noʊ, vɔl-/ plural volcanoes or volcanos

a mountain made from burned materials that may throw out hot rocks and lava (= hot liquid rock) from a hole in its top

adjective [ not gradable ] us /vɑlˈkæn·ɪk, vɔl-/

volcanic ash/rock

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