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uk /wɔːk/ us /wɑːk/

walk verb (MOVE ON FOOT)

A1 [ I or T ] to move along by putting one foot in front of the other, allowing each foot to touch the ground before lifting the next:

I walked home.
A cat was walking along the top of the fence.
He walks two miles to work every morning.
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B1 [ T ] to go with someone to a particular place, for example because you want to protect them from danger, or show them the way:

He offered to walk her home/to the station.

B1 [ T ] to take an animal, especially a dog, for a walk:

She walks the dog for an hour every afternoon.
a walking disaster, encyclopedia, etc.

someone who seems to be a human form of disaster, encyclopedia, etc.:

You broke another pair of glasses? You're just a walking disaster!

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walk verb (FREE TO GO)

[ I ] to be allowed to leave a court after being found not guilty of a crime:

If police don't get the right evidence, he'll walk.

[ I or T ] in baseball, to receive four balls outside the hitting area and be allowed to go to first base, or to throw the ball outside the hitting area four times so that the batter is allowed to go to first base:

The first batters either missed or walked.
He would have had a perfect game, except he walked a batter in the final inning.


uk /wɔːk/ us /wɑːk/

A2 [ C ] a journey that you make by walking, often for enjoyment:

He went for/took a walk around the block, to get some air.
They went on a ten-mile walk to raise money for charity.
Every afternoon she takes her grandfather out for a walk.

C1 [ C ] a path or route where people can walk for enjoyment:

Do you know any nice walks around here?

[ S ] a way of walking:

He has a strange waddling sort of walk.

[ S ] walking speed:

She slowed the horses to a walk.
a short, five-minute, ten-minute, etc. walk

a journey that takes a short time, five minutes, ten minutes, etc. when you walk:

The school is only a five-minute walk away.

[ C ] in baseball, an occasion when a batter is allowed to go to first base after the pitcher has thrown the ball outside the hitting area four times

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walkverb [ I/T ]

us /wɔk/

to move along by putting one foot in front of the other, or to move a distance in this way:

[ I ] I walked home.
[ I ] We just walked past a famous actress.
[ I ] They walked all around Chinatown.
[ I ] I walk to work every morning.
[ T ] It’s not that far – you can walk it in half an hour.
[ T ] We must have walked miles today.

To walk someone to a particular place is to walk with the person until the place has been reached:

[ T ] He offered to walk her home.

To walk an animal, esp. a dog, is to bring it outside with you to walk.

walk all over someone phrasal verb

to be unkind to someone and treat that person without respect:

You shouldn’t let him walk all over you like that.
walk away/off with something phrasal verb

to win something easily:

The German soccer team is once again favored to walk away with the championship.
walk off with something phrasal verb

to take something without asking:

Who walked off with my drink?
walk out phrasal verb

to leave an event before it is finished because you are not enjoying it or because you do not agree with it:

It was such a bad movie that I felt like walking out in the first fifteen minutes.

If workers walk out, they go on strike (= stop working at their jobs in order to express a complaint):

Airline pilots are threatening to walk out next week.
walk out on someone/something phrasal verb

to suddenly end your relationship or involvement with someone or something:

You can't afford to walk out on your job.
walk (someone) through something phrasal verb

to practice something, or to show someone how to do something from beginning to end:

They can walk you through the process one more time, to give you some practice and confidence.


walknoun [ C ]

us /wɔk/

an act of moving along by putting one foot in front of the other, or moving a distance in this, esp. for pleasure or exercise:

He went for/took a walk around the block.


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walkverb [ I or T ]

uk /wɔːk/ us
walk all over sb informal

to treat someone badly:

The unions accused management of walking all over their staff.
walk off the job US

to stop working because you are angry or unhappy about something:

Autoworkers walked off the job after the unions failed to reach an agreement over pay.
walk the plank informal

to be forced to leave your job because of something bad you have done:

The expenses scandal gave several ministers no option but to walk the plank.
walk the talk informal

to do the things you have said you would do, especially when you reach a position of power:

Business groups are waiting to see if the incoming Governor will walk the talk on promises to boost the state's economy.
walk the walk informal

to do the things you have planned and promised to do:

The country has yet to see whether the new leader can walk the walk.

walknoun [ C ]

uk /wɔːk/ us
walk of life

used to refer to the job you do or the part of society you belong to:

We employ people from all walks of life.

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