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uk /wɔːl/ us /wɑːl/

A1 [ C ] a vertical structure, often made of stone or brick, that divides or surrounds something:

The walls in this apartment are so thin you can hear just about every word the neighbours say.
The walls look a bit bare - can't we put some pictures up?
We had to climb over a ten-foot wall to get into the garden.
The Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

[ C ] any outer part of a hollow structure in the body:

the wall of the uterus/stomach
an artery wall

[ C ] a mass of people or things formed in such a way that you cannot get through or past them:

The demonstrators formed a solid wall to stop the police from getting past them.

[ C ] in football, a row of players who stand ten yards away from where a free kick is taken in order to make scoring directly from the free kick more difficult:

Rooney curved the free kick past the Newcastle defensive wall and inside the far post.

[ S ] literary a large, powerful, usually fast moving mass of something:

After the rains, the houses were washed away by a wall of mud/water.

[ S ] a way of feeling or behaving that completely prevents two groups of people from communicating with or understanding each other:

There is a wall of mistrust between the two groups.

Más ejemplos

  • Books on every conceivable subject lined one wall.
  • The east wall of the mosque is covered with a beautiful mosaic.
  • The fall of the Berlin wall marked the end of an era.
  • The walls are constructed of concrete.
  • The paint on the outside walls has weathered badly.

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wall en inglés americano

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wallnoun [ C ]

us /wɔl/

a vertical structure that divides or encloses something:

The walls of the fortress were more than eighteen inches thick.
We’d like the walls painted white.

A wall of people or things is a mass of them formed in such a way that you cannot get through or past them:

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wall en inglés de negocios

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wallnoun [ C ]

uk /wɔːl/ us
go to the wall UK informal

if a business goes to the wall, it goes bankrupt:

After twelve months of big losses, the company went to the wall.

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