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western en inglés británico

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also Western uk /ˈwes.tən/ us /ˈwes.tɚn/

western adjective (DIRECTION)

B1 written abbreviation W in or from the west of a place:

western Europe
California and other western states

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western adjective (COUNTRIES)

B1 relating to countries in the west part of the world, especially North America and countries in the west of Europe:

a Western-educated engineer
western medicine

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westernnoun [ C ]

also Western uk /ˈwes.tən/ us /ˈwes.tɚn/ UK also cowboy film, US also cowboy movie

a film based on stories about life in the west of the US in the past

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western en inglés americano

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westernnoun [ C ]

us /ˈwes·tərn/

a movie based on stories about life in the part of the US west of the Mississippi River when white people began going there to live in the 19th century

westernadjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈwes·tərn/ abbreviation W.

lying toward, facing, or coming from the west:

Grand Rapids is in the western part of Michigan.

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