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whenever en inglés británico

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wheneveradverb, conjunction

uk /wenˈev.ər/ us /wenˈev.ɚ/

B1 every or any time:

I blush whenever I think about it.
Whenever I go there they seem to be asleep.
I try to use olive oil whenever possible.
"Will it be okay if I do it tomorrow?" "Sure, whenever (= then or at any other time)."
Do it in a spare moment at the weekend or whenever - it really doesn't matter.
I'm talking about last July or whenever it was you got back from India.

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uk /wenˈev.ər/ us /wenˈev.ɚ/

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whenever en inglés americano

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us /hwenˈev·ər, wen-, hwən-, wən-/

whenever conjunction (EVERY TIME)

every or any time:

I’m embarrassed whenever I think about it.
I try to let the kids out to play whenever possible.

wheneverconjunction, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /hwenˈev·ər, wen-, hwən-, wən-/

whenever conjunction, adverb [ not gradable ] (NOT IMPORTANT WHEN)

used to say that the time something is done is not important or makes no difference:

"Will it be okay if we meet tomorrow instead of today?" "Sure, whenever."

(Definición de whenever del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)