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uk /weərˈæz/ us /werˈæz/

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us /hweərˈæz, weər-/

compared with the fact that; but:

In Los Angeles, a chief cause of this pollution is paved-road dust, whereas in San Diego, it's smoke from fireplaces.

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To date, counterfeit products have mainly come under the heading of 'life-style' drugs, whereas there is currently a dramatic increase in the number of counterfeit life-saving medicines.
The only alternative that they have been given today is based on soya imports, whereas we cannot even guarantee them that this soya has not been genetically modified.
In the autumn of 2001, prices fell by more than 45% whereas the price of beef for consumption continued, paradoxically, to rise.
Whereas a large part of the programme is like giving a fish to a starving person, digitisation is equivalent to teaching a person to fish.
To sum this up in one sentence, the losers will be the farmers and food sovereignty, whereas the winners will be agri-business and the major distributors.
The other important matter is that he has been able to place a lot of existing employees in new posts, whereas all the posts should have been made vacant.
In some countries there is a preponderance of heavy primary industry with huge long-range investments, whereas in others industry is dominated by service businesses and light engineering.
Indeed, this extension is portrayed as granting more rights to women, whereas in my opinion, it would have negative repercussions for women trying to access the labour market.
However, whereas we have directives for the other two objectives, clearly setting out how the target will be achieved, we have no such instrument for energy efficiency.
Is it really in our interest that we thereby cause market disturbances, whereas in my view it would be far more important to have strong partners and fair competition?