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whereas en inglés británico

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uk /weərˈæz/ us /werˈæz/

B2 compared with the fact that; but:

He must be about 60, whereas his wife looks about 30.
You eat a huge plate of food for lunch, whereas I have just a sandwich.

Más ejemplos

  • She actually enjoys confrontation, whereas I prefer a quiet life.
  • He is a globalist, whereas we are nationalists who will put our country first.
  • He works slowly and precisely whereas I tend to rush things and make mistakes.
  • Your hair has a natural wave whereas mine's just straight and boring.
  • She described him, rather charitably, as quiet whereas I would have said he was boring.

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whereas en inglés americano

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us /hweərˈæz, weər-/

compared with the fact that; but:

In Los Angeles, a chief cause of this pollution is paved-road dust, whereas in San Diego, it's smoke from fireplaces.

(Definición de whereas del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)