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wherever en inglés británico

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whereveradverb, conjunction

uk /weəˈrev.ər/ us /werˈev.ɚ/

B1 to or in any or every place:

We can go wherever you like.
Wherever I go I always seem to bump into him.
All across Europe, wherever you look, marriage is in decline and divorce rates are soaring.
Wherever you choose to live there are always going to be disadvantages.
He lives in Overington, wherever that is.

B2 in every case:

Wherever possible I use honey instead of sugar.

Más ejemplos

  • She has an annoying predisposition to find fault wherever she goes.
  • He has to go wherever his job takes him.
  • Geothermal power is generated wherever water comes into contact with hot rocks below the earth's surface.
  • Water is pumped out through pipes that carry it to wherever it is to be used.
  • Soldiers must go wherever the army assigns them.


uk /weəˈrev.ər/ us /werˈev.ɚ/

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wherever en inglés americano

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whereverconjunction, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /hweərˈev·ər, weər-/

to or in any or every place:

We can go wherever you like.

Wherever can also mean in all types of situations:

We try to save money wherever possible, for instance by using coupons when we buy groceries.

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