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whose en inglés británico

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whosepronoun, determiner

uk /huːz/ us /huːz/



uk /huːz/ us /huːz/

B1 used for adding information about a person or thing just mentioned:

Cohen, whose short film won awards, was chosen to direct the movie .
There was a picture in the paper of a man whose leg had been blown off.
They meet in an old house, whose basement has been converted into a chapel.
Fraud detectives are investigating the company, three of whose senior executives have already been arrested.

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whose en inglés americano

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us /huz/

used to ask which person owns or is responsible for something, or to say who is responsible for something:

Whose bag is this?
I don’t care whose fault it is.

Sometimes whose refers to a thing, not a person:

That’s the house whose kitchen is painted purple.

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