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Significado de “worship” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "worship" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /ˈwɜː.ʃɪp/  us   /ˈwɝː-/ (-pp- or US also -p-)

worship verb (RELIGION)

C1 [T] to have or show a ​strongfeeling of ​respect and ​admiration for ​God or a ​god: On the ​island the ​people worshipped different ​gods. [I] to go to a ​religiousceremony: They ​socialize together and worship in the same ​mosque. The ​pollshowed that over 40 ​percent of Americans worship on a ​weeklybasis.
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worship verb (ADMIRE)

C1 [T] to ​love, ​respect, and ​admire someone or something very much, often without ​noticing the ​badqualities of that ​person or thing: Her ​parents worship her. As a ​child, I worshipped my ​olderbrother.


uk   /ˈwɜː.ʃɪp/  us   /ˈwɝː-/

worship noun (RELIGION)

C2 [U] the ​act of worshipping ​God or a ​god, often through ​praying or ​singing: daily acts of worship Christian/​Sikh/​Muslim worship For Jews, the ​synagogue is the ​centre for ​community worship and ​study. Local ​people have ​complained about ​improperlydressedtouristsentering places of worship (= ​buildings for ​religiousceremonies or ​privateprayer).
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worship noun (ADMIRATION)

[U] disapproving a lot of ​love or ​admiration for a ​particular thing or ​person, often when this is ​considered too much: We're in an ​era of ​fitness and ​health worship.

worship noun (TITLE)

His, Your, etc. Worship UK formal used as a ​title of ​respect when ​speaking to or about a mayor or a magistrate : His Worship the Mayor will ​present the ​awards. [as form of address] Thank you, Your Worship.
(Definition of worship from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "worship" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /ˈwɜr·ʃɪp/

worship verb (PRAY)

[I/T] (-p-, -pp-) to ​pray to ​God or a ​god: [I] They went on a ​pilgrimage to India to worship at the ​holyBuddhistshrines there. [I/T] (-p-, -pp-) To worship is also to go ​regularly to a ​place for ​religiousceremonies: [I] They ​work for the same ​company, ​socialize together, and worship at the same ​church.

worship verb (ADMIRE)

[T] to ​feel a lot of ​love and ​admiration for someone or something: As ​kids, we worshiped ​our Aunt Martha, who ​let us ​sleep late and took us to ​greatplaces.

worshipnoun [U]

 us   /ˈwɜr·ʃɪp/

worship noun [U] (PRAYER)

A ​house/​place of worship is a ​building for ​religiousceremonies and ​prayer.
(Definition of worship from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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