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wound en inglés

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woundnoun [ C ]

uk /wuːnd/ us /wuːnd/

woundverb [ T usually passive ]

uk /wuːnd/ us /wuːnd/


uk /waʊnd/ us /waʊnd/

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wound en inglés americano

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us /wɑʊnd/

wound (WIND)

past simple and past participle of wind

woundnoun [ C ]

us /wund/

wound noun [ C ] (INJURY)

a hurt or injury to the body, such as a cut or tear in the skin or flesh:

a puncture wound
He had a deep wound in his arm and had lost a lot of blood.

woundverb [ T ]

us /wund/

wound verb [ T ] (HURT FEELINGS)

to hurt the feelings of someone; upset:

He totally ignored her, and she was deeply wounded.

wound verb [ T ] (INJURE)

to hurt or injure the body, as with a cut or tear in the skin or flesh:

Several people were wounded by falling rocks.

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