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uk /jæŋk/ us /jæŋk/

[ T usually + adv/prep ] informal to pull something forcefully with a quick movement:

He tripped over the cord and yanked the plug out.
She yanked open the cupboard door and everything fell out.

[ T often passive ] mainly US informal to suddenly remove someone or something:

I was yanked out of school and forced to go to work.
noun [ C usually singular ] uk us informal

Give the door a yank and it should open.

Yanknoun [ C ]

uk /jæŋk/ us /jæŋk/ also Yankee informal

a person from the US:

disapproving The place was full of Yanks.

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yankverb [ T ]

us /jæŋk/

to pull something forcefully with a quick movement:

They yanked open the screen door to run into the kitchen for cookies.
noun [ C ] us /jæŋk/

She gave a yank to the reins and the horse stopped.

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