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uk /jæp/ us /jæp/ -pp-

[ I ] disapproving If a small dog yaps, it makes short, high sounds:

She has a horrible little dog that yaps around your ankles.

[ I usually + adverb ] informal disapproving to talk continuously:

I've just had my mother on the phone, yapping away for half an hour!
noun [ C ] uk us
adjective uk /ˈjæp.i/ us /ˈjæp.i/

a yappy little dog

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yap en inglés americano

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yapverb [ I ]

us /jæp/ -pp-

(of a small dog) to make short, high sounds

disapproving slang (of a person) To yap is to talk:

If you weren’t so busy yapping you wouldn’t have missed our exit.

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YAP en inglés de negocios

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YAPnoun [ C ]

uk /jæp/ us also yuppie US

abbreviation for Young Aspiring Professional: a young person who lives in a city, earns a lot of money, and spends it doing fashionable things and buying expensive possessions

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