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Significado de “yet” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "yet" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /jet/

yet adverb (UNTIL NOW)

A2 still; until the ​presenttime: I haven't ​spoken to her yet. He hasn't ​finished yet. "Are you ​ready?" "Not yet - ​wait a ​minute."the best, worst, etc. yet B2 the ​best, ​worst, etc. until now: Of all the ​songs I've ​heardtonight, that's the ​best yet C1 formal until and ​including this ​time: We haven't ​neededextrastaff as yet, but we may in the ​future. No ​ambulances had as yet ​managed to get ​across the ​river.
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yet adverb (IN THE FUTURE)

C1 from now and for a ​particularperiod of ​time in the ​future: She won't be back for a ​longtime yet. Our ​holiday isn't for ​weeks yet.have yet to C2 If you have yet to do something, you have not done it: They have yet to make a ​decision.
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yet adverb (EVEN NOW)

C2 even at this ​stage or ​time: We could yet ​succeed - you never ​know. You might yet ​prove me ​wrong. He maywin yet.
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yet adverb (MORE)

B2 used to ​addemphasis to words such as another and again, ​especially to show an ​increase in ​amount or the ​number of ​times something ​happens: Rachel ​bought yet anotherpair of ​shoes to ​add to her ​collection. I'm ​sorry to ​bother you yet again. He's given us yet morework to do.

yetadverb, conjunction

uk   us   /jet/
B1 (and) ​despite that; used to ​add something that ​seemssurprising because of what you have just said: simple yet ​effective He's ​overweight and ​bald, (and) yet ​somehow, he's ​attractive.
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Significado de "yet" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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yetadverb [not gradable]

 us   /jet/

yet adverb [not gradable] (NOW/THEN)

(used in ​negativestatements and ​questions) at this ​time or at that ​time; now or then: "Is ​dinnerready?" "Not yet." Has Janet ​finished her ​homework yet? He had not yet ​decided what to do.

yet adverb [not gradable] (IN THE FUTURE)

in the ​future; still: The ​best was yet to come.

yet adverb [not gradable] (IN ADDITION)

(used esp. when ​describing a ​longprocess or an ​event in a ​series) in ​addition; ​once more: The ​governorcommissioned yet another ​study. She didn’t ​want to ​explain yet again why she was ​disappointed.

yet adverb [not gradable] (EVEN NOW)

even at this ​stage or ​time: We may yet ​succeed – you never ​know.

yetconjunction, adverb [not gradable]

 us   /jet/

yet conjunction, adverb [not gradable] (DESPITE THAT)

despite that: Melissa was not doing well in her ​physicscourse, yet ​overall she had a B ​average.
(Definition of yet from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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