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uk /zæp/ us /zæp/ -pp-

zap verb (DESTROY)

[ T ] informal to get rid of or kill something or someone, especially intentionally:

They have the kind of weapons that can zap the enemy from thousands of miles away.
figurative We're really going to zap the competition with this new product!

zap verb (GO QUICKLY)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] UK informal to go somewhere or do something quickly:

Have I got time to zap into town and do some shopping?
George zapped through his homework and rushed out to play basketball.
There are now over a million American fax machines zapping (= sending quickly) messages from coast to coast.
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[ T ] informal to cook something in a microwave:

Don't bake potatoes in the oven, zap them in the microwave - dinner in 10 minutes!

zapnoun [ U ]

uk /zæp/ us /zæp/ mainly US informal

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zapverb [ T ]

us /zæp/ -pp- infml

zap verb [ T ] (DESTROY)

to destroy or attack something suddenly, esp. with electricity, radiation, or another form of energy:

The salon uses lasers to zap unwanted hair.

To zap something is also to cook or heat it in a microwave:

Do you want that meatloaf cold, or should I zap it?

zap verb [ T ] (GO QUICKLY)

to move something quickly:

You can zap files straight to the printer from a PDA or laptop.

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