Traducción de "even" - Diccionario Inglés-Turco


adverb uk /ˈiːvən/ us

A2 used to emphasize something that is surprising

hatta, bile,, ...dahi
Everyone danced, even Mick.
even better/faster/smaller, etc

B1 used when comparing things, to emphasize the difference

daha bile; daha da
I think Alex is going to be even taller than his father.
even if

B2 used to emphasize that a particular situation would not change what you have just said de/sa da
I would never eat meat, even if I was really hungry.
even though

B2 although

her nekadar...da, ...olsa bile, ...rağmen
He still smokes, even though he's got asthma.
even so

used to emphasize that something surprising is true despite what you have just said

öyle de olsa, öyle olmasına karşın, buna rağmen, yine de
Car prices have gone down a lot, but even so, we couldn't afford to buy one.

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