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noun uk us /laɪf/ (plural lives /laɪvz/)

B1 living things and their activities

hayat, yaşam
Is there life in outer space?

B2 the existence of a person

hayat, canlı
How many lives will be lost to AIDS?
TIME [ C, U ]

A1 the time between a person's birth and their death

ömür, yaşam
I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him.
Life's too short to worry about stuff like that.
Unfortunately, accidents are part of life.
He had a happy life.

B1 a way of living

yaşam biçimi, ömür
You lead an exciting life.
family/private/sex, etc life

one part of someone's existence

aile/özel/cinsel vb. yaşam(ı)
My private life is nobody's business but mine.

B2 energy and activity

yaşam, enerji, faaliyet, canlılık, hareket
She was always bubbly and full of life.
I looked through the window but couldn't see any signs of life (= people moving).
ACTIVE PERIOD [ no plural ]

the amount of time that a machine, system, etc exists or can be used

ömür, kullanım/çalışma süresi
Careful use will prolong the life of your machine.
bring sth to life/come to life

to make something more real or exciting, or to become more real or exciting

canlan(dır)mak, hareket kazan(dır)mak
That's life.

something you say which means bad things happen and you cannot prevent them

'Hayat bu, her şey mümkün!', 'Yaşam bu, ne olacağını bilemeyiz!'
You don't get everything you want but that's life, isn't it?
Get a life! informal

something you say to a boring person when you want them to do more exciting things

'Canlan biraz!', 'Kıpırda!'
Surely you're not cleaning the house on Saturday night? Get a life!
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