Traducción de "pain" - Diccionario Inglés-Turco


noun uk /peɪn/ us
HURT [ C, U ]

A2 an unpleasant physical feeling caused by an illness or injury

ağrı, sızı
chest/stomach pains
Are you in pain?
I felt a sharp pain in my foot.

B2 sadness or mental suffering caused by an unpleasant event

acı, keder, elem
I can't describe the pain I suffered when he died.
be a pain (in the neck) informal

to be annoying

can sıkıcı şey/kimse; baş belası
My brother can be a real pain in the neck sometimes.
be at pains to do sth; take pains to do sth

to make a lot of effort to do something

çok uğraşmak, didinmek, büyük çaba sarfetmek, çırpınmak
He was at great pains to explain the reasons for his decision.

(Traducción de "pain noun" del Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English–Turkish © Cambridge University Press)