Traducción de "wind" - Diccionario Inglés-Turco


noun uk us /wɪnd/

A1 a natural, fast movement of air

rüzgâr, yel
The weather forecast said there would be strong winds and rain.
STOMACH [ U ] UK ( US gas)

gas or air in your stomach that makes you feel uncomfortable and sometimes makes noises

hava, gaz, gurultu, guruldama
get wind of sth

to discover something that is intended to be a secret

...dan/den haberdar olmak; ...ı/i duymak; ...ın/in kokusunu almak
Dad got wind of our plans for a party.
get your wind (back)

to breathe easily again, for example after you have been running

tekrar normal nefes alabilmek → See also throw caution to the wind , second wind

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