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Definición de “life” en inglés


noun     /laɪf/ (plural lives)
A1 [C or U] the period between birth and death , or the experience or state of being alive : Life's too short to worry about money ! I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Unfortunately , accidents are part of life. He went mad towards the end of his life. Cats are supposed to have nine lives. He doesn't know what he really wants in/out of life. The accident changed my whole outlook on life. He lost his life (= died suddenly because of a violent event or accident ) in the Great War . A simple mixture of glucose and water can save lives in many parts of the world . He ran off with her life savings (= all the money she had saved ). → See also afterlife, pro-lifeLife and living B1 [C or U] a way of living or a particular part of someone's life: her family / private / sex life my working life We interviewed senior politicians , famous writers , and others in public life. Drugs and violence are deeply rooted in American life. I left home at 16 to see life (= have different experiences with a lot of people in lots of places ). Teaching has been her life (= the most important and enjoyable thing in her life).Life and living C2 [C usually singular] the period for which a machine or organization lasts : The newer batteries have a much longer life. Careful use will prolong the life of your machine . The legislation won't be passed during the life of the present parliament .Periods of time - general words [U] the quality that makes people , animals , and plants different from objects , substances , and things that are dead : The doctor could find no sign of life in the old man's body .figurative I looked through the window but I couldn't see any signs of life (= people moving ).Life and living B2 [U] energy or enthusiasm : She's so full of life.Excitement, interest, energy and enthusiasm B1 [U] everything that is alive : human / marine / plant lifeLife and living [U] specialized art In art , if you work from life, you paint , draw , etc. real people or objects , usually while they are in front of you rather than from memory : life drawing classes Art history and artistic movements [C] informal especially in children's games , one of the limited number of times that you can lose , but still continue playing : Every time the little man gets hit , you lose a life.Children's games bring sth to life to make something more real or exciting : It's always been an interesting period in history and this film really brought it to life.Making people excited and interestedInspiration and inspiring come to life to become more real or exciting : The game really came to life in the second half . for life C1 for the whole of a person's life: I believe marriage is for life.Continuous and permanent give your life (also lay down your life) to be willing to die in order to defend or support someone or something: They were ready to give their lives for their country .Death and dying life after death If you believe in life after death , you believe that people continue to exist in some form after they die .Life after death start a new life (also make a new life for yourself) to completely change how or where you live : She decided to start a new life in Australia .Starting and beginningStarting again
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