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Definición de “nothing” en inglés


pronoun     /ˈnʌθ.ɪŋ/
A2 not anything: There's nothing in the drawer - I took everything out. Nothing I could say would cheer her up. I have nothing new to tell you. There's nothing else (= no other thing) we can do to help. There's nothing much (= not very much) to do in our village. The story was nothing but (= only) lies.US The score is Yankees three, Red Sox nothing (= no points).Something, anything, nothing, and everything be/have nothing to do with sb/sth B2 to have no connection or influence with someone or something: We are nothing to do with the firm that has the offices next door. In the evening he likes to read books and articles that have/are nothing to do with his work.Refusing and rejectingNeglecting and ignoringNot paying attentionTreating as unimportant be/mean nothing to have no importance or value: Money is nothing to him.Useless and futileOf little or less importance be/have nothing to do with sb B2 to be a matter or subject that someone has no good reason to know about or be involved with: I wish he wouldn't offer advice on my marriage - it's nothing to do with him.Irrelevant for nothing free or without paying: I got this picture for nothing from a friend.Costing or worth little or no money B2 with no good result or for no purpose: He queued for two hours and (all) for nothing - there were no seats left. Let us make sure that these brave men did not die for nothing.Useless and futile nothing on no clothes on your body: She sleeps with nothing on. I couldn't come to the door - I had nothing on!Not wearing or removing clothes no arrangements for a stated period: I've looked in her diary and she has nothing on on Tuesday afternoon. There's nothing on next Friday - we could hold the meeting then.Available and accessiblePresent Gramática:No one, nobody, nothing, nowhereNo one, nobody, nothing and nowhere are indefinite pronouns.See more
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a person or group who receives money, advantages, etc. as a result of something else

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