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Definición de “right” en inglés


exclamation (AGREEMENT)    /raɪt/ informal
A2 used to express agreement with someone or to show that you have understood what someone has said: "Johnny, you climb up first." "Right."Understanding and comprehendingWords and phrases expressing agreement and acceptance A2 said when you want to make a group of people notice you, especially so that you can start an activity: Right, you lot. Could you all stop talking, and then we'll begin.InterjectionsSounds used as interjections said between parts of a story that you are telling, in order to make certain that people are paying attention and understanding: So there I was right, middle of the night, right, and this guy came up to me...Connecting words joining words or phrases with similar or related meanings Gramática:TagsSee moreGramática:Tags: usesTags are either questions, statements or imperatives added to a clause to invite a response from the listener:See moreGramática:Tags: formTags consist of one of the auxiliary verbs be, do or have, or the main verb be, or a modal verb, plus a subject, which is most commonly a pronoun:See moreGramática:Question tagsQuestion tags turn statements into yes-no questions. There are two types.See moreGramática:Imperative tagsA tag after an imperative clause softens the imperative a little. The tag verb is most commonly will but we can also use would, could, can and won’t:See moreGramática:Statement tagsWe can use a statement tag to emphasise or reinforce an affirmative statement. The tag is also affirmative. They typically invite the listener to agree or sympathise in some way, or to offer a parallel comment. Statement tags are very informal:See moreGramática:Universal tags: right, yeahWe can use right and yeah in very informal situations instead of question tags:See more
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