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Definición de “speed” en inglés


noun (RATE OF MOVEMENT)    /spiːd/
B1 [C or U] how fast something moves : He was travelling at a speed of 90 mph . The car has a top speed of 155 miles per hour . You should lower / reduce your speed as you approach a junction . On a clear , straight road you can gather / pick up speed. He came off the road while driving his car round a bend at high/ breakneck speed (= very fast ). There are speed restrictions (= controls on how fast traffic is allowed to move ) on this part of the road . an electric drill with two speeds (= rates at which it turns )Speed of motion B2 [U] very fast movement : I get a real thrill from speed. He put on a sudden burst of speed. Both cars were travelling at speed (= very fast ) when the accident happened .Speed of motion [U] how fast something happens : We were surprised at the speed of the response to our enquiry . It was the speed at which it all happened that shocked me. She got through her work with speed (= quickly ) and efficiency .Hurrying and doing things quicklyBusy and activeFast and rapidShort in time the speed of light/sound the rate at which light or sound travels : The speed of light is 300 million metres per second. These planes travel at twice the speed of sound .Speed of motionThe engine and engine partsEngines and motors [C] a gear noun: a bicycle with ten speeds a ten-speed bicycle BicyclesThe engine and engine partsEngines and motors [C] the rate at which a photographic film absorbs or reacts to light : What speed film do I need for taking photographs indoors ?Photography shutter speed the length of time for which part of a camera is open to allow light to reach the film when a photograph is being taken: a high/ low shutter speedPhotography gear nounGramática:MeasurementsGramática:Area: length, width, depth and heightWe use the nouns length, width, depth and height and the adjectives long, wide, deep and high to talk about area and size:Gramática:Weight and volumeWe use the verb weigh to measure weight:Gramática:Frequency, speed, timeWe use many different expressions to describe frequency, speed and time. Here are some of them:
(Definition of speed noun (RATE OF MOVEMENT) from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)
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