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Definición de “hand” en inglés


noun     /hænd/
[C] WORKPLACE someone employed to do physical work : a factory / farm hand
hand in hand always happening or being done together: go hand in hand (with sth) Taking too much risk often goes hand in hand with another big mistake - putting all your money into one project . working closely with someone: I see myself working hand in hand with him on this.
at hand available : Help is at hand for owners of small and growing businesses . being worked on or dealt with at the present time : He would use his team members ' particular experiences and talents to help him attack the problem at hand.
by hand made or done using your hands rather than a machine : She entered the information into a computer by hand. delivered by a person , rather than sent in the mail : It had been delivered by hand and there was no post mark . → See also handmade
get your hands on sb/sth informal to find or get someone or something you want : She would have to wait days for funds to clear before she could get her hands on the money .
good with your hands able to make or do things well with your hands: Martin was good with his hands and worked for a time repairing piers at a marina .
in hand already available or being done: Plans for the restructuring are already in hand.
in the hands of sb being dealt with or looked after by a particular person or group of people : leave/put sth in the hands of sb The document is important because it puts the decisions in the hands of management . controlled or owned by a particular person or group of people : be/lie/rest in the hands of sb The company's future is firmly in the hands of its creditors . The post office in this country is still in the hands of the state .
on hand available and ready to help or be used if necessary : They said he had $7.5 million cash on on hand to do sth A team of experts is on hand to answer individual problems or questions .
out of your hands no longer able to be controlled by you, or no longer your responsibility : The decision over his future had been taken out of his hands by management .
put your hand in your pocket UK to give money to someone or to a charity : People are more likely to put their hands in their pockets if they know it's for a good cause .
the job/matter in hand the job or subject that is important at the present time : He is a consummate professional , very focused on the job in hand.
to hand UK near and able to be used: Rosco always kept large amounts of cash to hand.
→ See also hand in glove, cash in hand noun, change hands, handmade, hold noun, shake hands, a show of hands
(Definition of hand noun from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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