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noun uk /ˈæɡ·ə·ni/ us /ˈæɡ·ə·ni/ plural agonies

very bad pain

dolor muy fuerte
She was in agony after her operation.

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noun /ˈӕɡəni/ (plural agonies)

great pain or suffering

The dying man was in agony
She was suffering the agonies of regret.
agonize /ˈæɡəˌnaɪz/ verb

to think and worry about a difficult decision for a long time

He was agonizing over whether he should tell his wife the truth.
agonized /ˈæɡəˌnaɪzd/ adjective

showing agony

He had an agonized expression on his face.
agonizing /ˈæɡəˌnaɪziŋ/ adjective

causing agony

an agonizing pain.
agonizingly /ˈæɡəˌnaɪziŋli/ adverb

West Ham were agonizingly close to scoring a goal.
agony aunt noun

someone who writes for a newspaper or magazine and provides advice about people’s personal problems.

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